McAfee Packing Company, Inc. 

Since 1953, McAfee Packing Company has been providing the Middle Georgia area the freshest beef and pork around. The online store is a small sampling of the products we offer. Beef: Custom Cut Steaks, Ground Chuck, Cubed Steak,  Fresh Cut Beef Roasts, Stew Beef (Boneless and Regular), OxTails, Beef Ribs and more...Pork: McAfee Sausage (Fresh Links, Fresh Meat, Freshly Smoked), Pork Chops, Ribs, Pork Steak, Boston Butts,  Hams, Shoulders, Fresh Bacon (Our own Formula), Smoked Picnics, Country Ham, County Cured Hocks (boiling meat) and so much more...Custom Processing: We also provide custom beef and pork slaughtering services.  We can give you the cuts of meat you desire and wrap for the freezer. Contact us for more information. Wholesale: For over 60 years, McAfee Packing has been providing restaurants, BBQ Dives, grocery stores, and meat markets with high quality meat. Contact us for wholesale information or to set up a wholesale account. 

About Us

Ashlyn McAfee Williamson, Online Sales Manager

As we look toward 70 years in the beef and pork industry, we look forward to continue to providing your family or business with the freshed beef and pork around. Please contact us with any questions. 


102 North Valley Street

Wrightsville, Georgia 


102 North Valley Street Wrightsville, Georgia 31096

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